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Aqua Tape-In Certification|05/03|Online
Digital Davines Wellbeing Space|05/03|
Lanza Healing HairColor|05/10|Online
Lanza Liquid Make a Splash|05/10|Online
Davines Brides "Maid" Easy|05/10|Online

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Davines Colorspace|05/17|Online
JPMS Blonding|05/24|Online
JPMS The Color|06/07|Online
SKP Blonde Specialist Certification Online
Digital Davines Wellbeing Space|08/09|On-line
#L'anzaLove Product Knowledge|08/16|Online
JPMS The Demi|08/16|Online
SKP Color Correction 911|08/16|Online
Digital Davines Color Space|08/23|
Alterna BIOPIC Core Cutting|08/30|Online
Lanza Healing HairColor|08/30|Online
Davines Wellbeing Space|09/13|Online
JPMS Blonding|09/27|Online
Davines Wellbeing Space|10/04|Online
JPMS The Color|10/04|Online
Lanza Healing HairColor|10/11|Online
Davines Mask Color|10/18|Online
Lanza Liquid Make a Splash|11/01|Online
SKP Essential Looks Collection|11/08|Online