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North American salons generate 214,814 pounds of salon waste daily! Salons who join our Green Circle Salons (GCS) program are able to increase profitability for their business through diverting 95% of salon and colour waste from landfills and waterways. GCS can help you collect, recycle & repurpose your salon's or spa’s hair clippings, used foils, color-tubes, aerosol cans, electrical tools, excess hair color, papers and plastics, glass, and spa waste.

Sustainability is one of the largest growing conversations inside and outside of the industry. Salons can benefit from their customer’s perspective and can profit on their mission to go green by simply starting the conversation. As part of ManocoBlue’s mission and our core value, partnership, we want to provide you the information you need to know about the industry. Also, since ManocoBlue is located in Michigan and is part of the Midwest, being eco-friendly is a big part of our lives. We were also recognized as a top outstanding environmental leader by enrolling the most salons into the Greencircle's program in 2017.

In September 2019, GCS officially joined the B Corp legacy as one of the thousands of companies with a unifying goal; to use business as a force for good. As the B Corporation movement grows, so has GCS’s mission - to keep people and the planet beautiful. They are continuously working on growing their Waste Warrior movement all over North America in order to tackle the beauty industry's impact on the environment.

A simple formula for change:


GCS offers two programs, Full Circle and Boutique Program, that support your business. Each program is based on the number of customers you serve, and it can be modified to be incorporated into your salon business. GCS will help you start the program to understand where your waste is coming from. Several manufacturers, such as Paul Mitchell, L’ANZA, Moroccanoil, and Davines, offer programs that help you enroll into the program.

If you want to know more, ask your Distributor Sales Consultant or visit Greencircle Salons to start the conversation.