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Blonde Copper Cylinders (150)pc
AQU - Aqua EZ Tabs (60pcs)
Add-On Color Right Swatches
Dark Brown Threads
Brown Threads
Blonde Threads
Black Threads
Keratin Fusion Gun
Keratin Fusion Disk
Dark Brown Copper Cylinders
Brown Copper Cylinders
Blonde Copper Cylinders
Black Copper Cylinders
Dark Brown Silicone Cylinders
Brown Silicone Cylinders
Blonde Silicone Cylinders
Black Silicone Cylinders
Retape Tabs
Single Side Tape
Pliers for Tape-in
Pliers for Cylinder
Steel Needles

AQU - Needle (2pc)

Mini Boar Bristle Brush
Loop Tool
Boar Bristle Brush
Bond Cutting Pliers
Bond Breaking Pliers
Black Cape with Buttons
Aqua Window Cling
Aqua Table Tents
Aqua Mirror Cling
Aqua Hair Extensions Women's T-Shirt - Small
Aqua Hair Extensions Women's T-Shirt - Medium
Aqua Hair Extensions Women's T-Shirt - Large
Aqua Hair Extensions Tail Comb
Aqua Hair Extensions Maintenance Card
Aqua Hair Extensions Gorilla Clips
Aqua Hair Extensions Catalog
Aqua Color Swatch Ring