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Dream Coat for Curly Hair 1.7 oz.
Dream Smooth Travel Paddle Brush
Dream Regime Starter Set
Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray 5 oz.
Extra Mist-ical Counter Display
Summer Proof Hair Kit
Cult Favorite 1.5 oz.
Style on Steroids 1.5 oz.
Dream Coat 1.7 oz.
Raise the Root 2.5 oz.
1 Minute Transformation 1 oz.
Pop & Lock Shellac 0.4 oz.
Dream Coat Liter Pump
Dream Coat for Curly Hair 16.9 oz.
Dream Coat 16.9 oz.
Cult Favorite Hairspray 10 oz.
Dream Coat for Curly Hair 6.7 oz.
Packette Sample Kit
Style on Steroids Texture Spray 7 oz.
Dream Coat Pump
Raise the Root 5 oz.
Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray 5 oz.
1 Minute Transformation 4 oz.
Pop & Lock Shellac 1.8 oz.
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