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Healing Haircare Retail Bags
Color Tube Key
Color Tube Tray
Digital Scale
Gray Acrylic Color Bowl
Small Short-Bristle Coloring Brush
Small Long-Bristle Coloring Brush
Large Short-Bristle Coloring Brush
Large Long-Bristle Coloring Brush
Wide Soft-Bristle Balayage Brush
Wide Bristle Visper Brush
Color/Cut Cape with Healing Haircare Logo
Healing Color No-Touch Retouch Brush (2ct)
Healing Color Flat Whisk
Color Tube Tray Bar
Color Films
Swatch Binder
Liquids Demi Gloss Wall Chart
Liquids Demi Gloss Applicator Bottle
Window Cling
Vibes Sponge Tint Brush Set
Open/Closed Sign
Mirror Cling
Vibes Smoke Swatch
Healing Treatments Wall Chart

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Coloring Board
4-Panel Shade Book