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Worked Up 9.4 oz.
Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo 2.5 oz.
Ultimate Color Repair Mask 2.5 oz.
Twirl Around 5.1 oz.
Super Skinny Conditioner 33.8 oz
Super Clean Spray 9.5 oz.
Super Clean Light 9.5 oz.
Super Clean Extra 9.5 oz.
Smoothing Salon Starter Kit
Original Salon Starter Kit
Platinum Blonde Toning Spray 0.85 oz.
Platinum Blonde Shampoo 33.8 oz.
Platinum Blonde Shampoo 2.5 oz.
Platinum Blonde Conditioner 33.8 oz.
Platinum Blonde Conditioner 2.5 oz.
Super-Charged Moisturizer 5.1 oz.
XTG Glue 3.4 oz.
Platinum Blonde Toning Spray 5.1 oz.
Platinum Blonde Conditioner 6.8 oz.
Invisiblewear Liter Duo
Invisiblewear Volume Whip 6.8 oz.
Invisiblewear Shampoo 33.8 oz.
Invisiblewear Shampoo 10.14 oz.
Invisiblewear Memory Shaper 8.5 oz.
The Book of Volume
The Book of Texture
The Book of Style | Holiday
The Book of Smooth | Holiday
The Book of Platinum
The Book of Originals | Holiday
The Book of Moisture | Holiday
The Book of Favorites | Holiday
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