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Neuro Guide 1.25" Rod
Invisiblewear Express Ion Turbolight+
Detangler Comb
The Texturizer
Teasing Brush
Slim Water Sprayer
Sectioning Clips
Neuro Unclipped 1" Styling Rod
Neuro Unclipped 1.25" Styling Cone
Neuro Unclipped 3/4" Small Styling Cone
Neuro Style 1" Iron
Neuro Smooth 1.25" Iron
Neuro Dry
Neuro Cell 2" Refill Rollers
Neuro Cell 1" Refill Rollers
Neuro Cell
Neuro Small 1.29" Round Brush
Neuro Medium 1.69" Round Brush
Neuro Large 2" Round Brush
Neuro Round Brush Display
Neuro Light Dryer
Neuro Grip Dryer
Neuro Angle Cone 1.25"
Neuro Angle 1" Rod
Neuro Smooth XL 1.5"
Neuro Halo Touchscreen Dryer
Neuro Halo 1" Styling Iron
Neuro Curl XL 1.75" Curling Iron
Limited Edition 1" Thermal Brush Attachment
Limited Edition 1.25" Thermal Brush Attachment
Express Ion Smooth+ XL
Express Ion Curl+ XL Curling Iron
The Book of Style (Gift with Tool)
Express Ion Style+ 1" Iron
Express Ion Unclipped Rod Display
Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1
Express Ion Unclipped 1" Bubble Rod
Express Ion Unclipped 1.5" Rod
Express Ion Unclipped 1.5" Cone
Express Ion Unclipped 1.25"-.75" Oval Rod
Express Ion Unclipped 1.25" Rod
Express Ion Unclipped .75"-1.25" Reverse Cone
Express Ion Turbolight+ Dryer
Express Ion Smooth+ Digital 1.25" Iron
Express Ion Round Extra Large Brush