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Lucas-Cide Ready To Use 32 oz.
EZ Apron
Black Textured Nitrile Gloves L/XL
Black Textured Nitrile Gloves S/M
Disposable Towels
Disposable Towels
Digital Scale
Embroidered Apron
Embroidered Cape
33.8 oz. Backbar Display
Retail Bag
Spray Bottle
Mixing Cups
White Treatment Room Scoops
Blue Treatment Room Scoops
Insulated Bodywrap Blanket
Wax Pad
100 Yard Thick Pellon Cotton
25 Yard Thick Pellon Cotton
Small Applicators
Steri-Cloth Muslin 40 yards Roll
Steri-Cloth Muslin 25 yards Roll
Steri-Cloth Muslin Strips
Pellon 5 Yards Cotton
Extra Small Applicator
Limited Edition Moroccanoil Candle
Aqua Color Swatch Ring
Deva Towl Gray
Black Cape with Buttons
Dream Coat Liter Pump
Tea Tree Aromatic Oil 0.34 oz.
Reusable Shopper
169 oz. Pump
Essential Haircare Liter Pump
Your Hair Assistant 30 oz. Pump
Black Pump 33.8 oz.
Travel Size Display
Small Boutique Bag
Blue Boutique Plastic Bag
Squeeze & Pour Lid with Gallon
Squeeze & Pour Lid with Quart
Disinfectant Test Strips
Lucas-Cide Empty Spray Bottle 32 oz.
Pink Disinfectant Gallon Value Pack
Pink Disinfectant Quart Value Pack
Pink Disinfectant 4 oz.
Blue Disinfectant Gallon Value Pack
Blue Disinfectant Quart Value Pack
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